Jamie's Pet Care
Jamie's Pet Care offers a variety of ways to keep your pet(s) happy and stress-free while you are away from home. I will gladly work with you to determine what amount of care is right for your furry friend(s)! Here are the most common ways to set up visits:

Pay per visit: Many cats and dogs require 1-4 visits per day. Visits are at least 30 minutes long, and often 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

$20 per visit

Overnight stays: If you prefer, and depending on availability, more complete care can be provided for your loved one(s). As much time as possible will be spent at your home with your pet(s), including overnight.

$70 per 24-hour period (Your return date will be discounted, depending on arrival time.)

Outside Shelby County? Schedule pending, Jamie's Pet Care can provide pet care to some areas outside of Shelby County at an additional cost for mileage/gas.


"There is nothing that adds more pleasure to an out of town trip than having a responsible, caring adult looking after your pets. Our two cats, me and my wife are all so lucky that we found Jamie. Jamie seems to actually enjoy spending time with Lexi and Trinity and I know they enjoy her. Jamie has cared for our cats on numerous occassions and I would recommend her with enthusiasm." Jim Brooks

"Jamie has taken great care of Chewy for years. He lights up when he sees her and that shows me just how much time she takes to bond with him and how much positive attention she gives him. We never have to worry about how he's doing when we're out of town. I also love Jamie's background as a Vet Tech, since Chewy is on several prescriptions. Jamie knows better how to take care of him than we do!" Jennifer Sciubba

I wouldn't entrust the care of my two awesome felines, one diabetic, the other chubby and insubordinate, to anyone other than Jamie. Two daily injections of insulin is a tall order and my wife and I would have a hard time feeling okay about leaving the task in the hands of someone who didn't have her tender and loving way with animals. She's two things to our cats: a capable phlebotomist/injection specialist and a loving friend. Matthew Timberlake

THANK YOU JAMIE!!!!!! We are sooooo happy you were recommended to us!!! It is such a load off knowing we have you to take care of all 3 of our crazy pups...and that we can actually go out of town now!!!! ;) LOL
.....p.s: We just had a visitor, and Gretchen was like a new dog with him!! I think having you here over Thanksgiving made her trust strangers a bit more!! Love it!! Thank you!!! Meridith Martin Cole